The Classic Illustration

We are back !
After the split, some of us continued Solo or as a Duo/Trio... Now We Are Back ! with Re-Mastered & New Versions of our Songs and soon with New Songs too

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The Classic Illustration

Bat-A-Rat (Re-Mastered) was our Come-Back Single.

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The Classic Illustration

Our Second Single after the Com-Back is:
You Knock Three Times (Version 2.0)

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Series dysfunction: So it show includes material made by Nathan Brooks’s courtroom habit

Trustees out of Lexington Academy); Middlesex Shared Fire Insurance company; Abel Moore; Gaius Proctor; Daniel Shattuck; Pack (Cyrus, Nathan); Thomas Wesson; Stephen Weston (v

It gives cases in which Nathan Brooks try named as plaintiff (creditor), 1814-1857. You can find records to have Brooks as the coverage lawyer (1818-1844) having customers Luther Davis, James Hapgood, Hepsibah Jones, Thomas Moore, George Spencer, and Amos Wellington mais aussi al. Ideas away from Brooks’s behave as attorneys on the plaintiff (creditor), 1814-1844, is filed alphabetically by-name off plaintiff, and portray numerous customer labels, among them: Lysander Bascom; Ephraim H. Bellows; Heartwell Bigelow; John Brigham; Hiram Brooks; Isaac Brooks; Timothy Brooks; Abishai Brownish; Reuben Brown; Samuel Burr; Jonathan Buttrick; Tilly Buttrick; Luther Conant (v. Peter Hutchinson); Concord Financial; Lemuel Curtis; Davis (Josiah, Moses, Charles B.); John Hosmer; Phineas Exactly how; Ebenezer Hubbard; Isaac Hurd, Jr.; Peter Hutchinson; Joshua Jones; John P. Merriam (v. Peter Hutchinson); William Whiting; Alpheus Witt (along with an activity v. Peter Hutchinson); Elijah Wood. Two folders of various writs or other courtroom data files (1813-1857) interact with multiple circumstances (specific involving debtors and you may creditors depicted in other places about Nathan Brooks papers) for which the nature out of Brooks’s legal involvement isn’t specific. On these two files, some records relate genuinely to times in which Samuel Hoar is actually attorneys, and one writ describes a case related to Peter Hutchinson. (Much situation contained in this series is comparable and you will probably related to files scattered during most other show, Series I in particular.)

Discover private case records (1791-1861) within adopting the: Belknap & Foster/New york Massachusetts Railroad (1845-1861); Alfred Brooks (1829); the fresh Georgia Loan office (1791-1857; along with communication to help you and/otherwise out-of Nathan Brooks, Samuel Hoar, Samuel C. Burr, Moses Prichard, Edward Everett, while others); Charles Herring (1844); Leppelman v. Leppelman (1852, 1858); Blodgett and you will Tirrell (1842-1843; Suffolk County); Hayden v. Hearn (1856-1857; Norfolk State); the brand new apprentices off Nathaniel Munroe (1812-1821); and you can Isaac Barker (1835).

Click to gain access to the start of the box number having Collection IV, otherwise on a single of your outlines about component list lower than to gain access to the box list to have a specific portion of the series.

There are even specific miscellaneous judge documents files and you may cards (1795-1858), among them a beneficial dower file in accordance with Jane Potter

Series dysfunction: It thorough series includes papers of Nathan Brooks’s monetary deals to your part away from website subscribers, from inside the a corporate capabilities, and also have his own earnings and costs. Files tend to be professional correspondence (1810-1864; developed chronologically); costs, receipts, account, notes, purchases having payment, an such like., 1796-1863; account guides, 1829-1863; details of Middlesex Shared Fire Insurance carrier (at which Nathan Brooks is actually offesiell nettside secretary/treasurer), 1827-1863; and you may facts of one’s Boston, Lexington, and you will Concord Holiday accommodation Phase (where the guy obtained with the and you will paid back bills), 1833-1839.

Brand new elite group interaction from the series relates to Nathan Brooks’s habit out-of law and you will financial administration on the behalf of customers while others. All of the characters are to Brooks. A few was drafts out of letters because of the him, and you can a small matter should be otherwise from other people.

The countless correspondents regarding the subseries are: Josiah Adams; Arthur W. Austin; Jonas Balcom; Joseph Barrett; B. D. Bartlett; Ira Bartlett; Lysander L. Bascom; John D. Bates; Levi Bigelow; Lyman Bigelow; Charles Bowers; Elijah D. Brigham; Daniel Brooks; Franklin Brooks; Hiram Brooks; Isaac Brooks; John Brooks; Joshua Brooks; Samuel C. Burr; John Buttrick; Jabez Carley; H. M. Chamberlain; B. H. Cheever; Henry F. Cogswell; Josiah Cumings; Lemuel Curtis; Caleb Cushing; James Roentgen. Cushing; L. S. Cushing; Silas Cutter; John Dallinger; David Damon; Benjamin Davis; J. G. Davis; Thomas Dawes; John L. Dudley; Josiah P. Dudley; A beneficial. F. Dyar; George Farley; Dennis Fay; Isaac Fiske; George Folsom; Hannah Freeman; Nathaniel Freeman; William Frothingham; Elisha Heavier; Henry M. Fuller; Timothy Thicker; John Meters. Gourgas; John H. Hallowell; Abraham Haskell; Charles Read; Abraham Hilliard; Samuel Hoar; Thomas Hopkinson; Bela Hosmer; Josephine Hosmer; Joseph H. Howe; Ebenezer Hubbard; Hannah Hunstable; Francis Have a look; Francis Ingraham; Hepsibah Jones; Thomas Jones; Aaron Keyes; J. B. Kittredge; F. F. Lane; James LeBaron; Samuel Cordis Lee; S. S. Littlehale; T. B. Mackay; Samuel J. May; Royal McIntosh; Joshua Melven; Augustus Merrick; Francis J. Merrick; Henry Moore; Curtis Morse; James Munroe & Co.; William Munroe, Jr.; H. W. Muzzey; Jouel Newell; Warren Nixon; Daniel Parkman; Rebeckah Parks; Elizabeth. B. Patch; John S. Patch; Asa Payson; Horatio N. Perkins; J. Perkins; Charles Prentice; Joshua Prescott; Timothy Prescott; William Prescott; Smith; D. S. Southmayd; Asahel Stearns; Lewis Solid; John P. Tarbell; George Good. Thatcher; Joshua Thaxter; Benjamin Thompson; Jouel B. Walcott; John Walton; Reuben Washburn; William Whiting, Jr.; Levi Whitman; Alpheus Witt.

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